3rd International MINTiFF Conference

„Don’t think it’s only entertainment“
STEM and Equal Opportunities In TV Drama Formats

February 7th, 2013
Berlin-Brandenburg Academy
of Sciences and Humanities

Berlin, Germany


from 09:30 am
Arrival of participants

10.00 am
>> Welcome <<

Christina Hadulla-Kuhlmann, German Federal
Ministry of Education and Research

Dr. Marion Esch
, Head of the Academy for
STEM-Entertainment-Education-Excellence /
Head of MINTiFF

10.30 am
>> (STEM-) Topics, roles and milieus in
German TV drama entertainment <<

An analysis of program profiles of the five
biggest broadcasters in Germany – Selected
Dr. Marion Esch, MINTiFF/MINTEEE

Discussion with audience
Moderation: Torsten Zarges, kress report

11.30 am
– Coffee Break –

11.45 am
>> STEM-Entertainment-Education-
Excellence <<

The Simpsons: How STEM brings humour to
one of the world's most popular TV shows
Prof. Paul Halpern PhD, Professor of Physics,
University of the Sciences, Philadelphia

Lab Coats in Hollywood – The impact of
movie science on public perceptions of
David Allen Kirby PhD, Centre for the
History of Science, Technology and
Medicine (CHSTM), University of Manchester, UK

Crime Scene Laboratory: Can a TV drama be
suitable to inform an audience about bio-
Charlotte Loeb B.A. / Tamara Mattheiß B.A. /
Carina Weinmann B.A.
, University of Mannheim

Discussion with the audience
Moderation: Torsten Zarges, kress report

1.15 pm
– Lunch Break –

2.00 pm
>> The legal programme assignment of TV
drama entertainment in Germany – Normative
demand and reality <<

Law standards for public TV entertainment
Prof. Dr. Bernd Holznagel, Director of the Insti-
tute for Information Law, Telecommunication Law and
Media Law (ITM), Public Department, Münster

Discussion: Entertainment Education as an
opportunity to sharpen the profile of public
Anna Buetow, Editorial Department „Entertainment
Word“, ZDF, Mainz
Dr. Barbara Buhl, Head of Program Group TV
Movies & Cinema with the WDR, Köln
Jochen Greve, Board member of the German
Writer’s Guild (VDD) and the German Academy for
Television, Munich
Uwe Grund, Head of NDR councils, Head of ARD
Conference of Chairpersons of ARD Supervisory
Boards, Hamburg
Prof. Dr. Bernd Holznagel, Director ITM
Prof. Dr. Peter Vorderer, Professor of Media and
Communication Studies, University of Mannheim

Moderation: Dr. Marion Esch, MINTEEE/MINTiFF

3.30 pm
– Coffee Break –

3.45 pm
>> Equal Opportunities as mission and self-
commitment? <<

Heroines or Team Players: Role Models or
Modelling Roles for Equal Opportunities in
Dr. Joan Haran, Research Fellow with the Centre for
Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (Cesagen),
University of Cardiff

Discussion: (STEM-) Equal Opportunities – Chal-
lenges and priorities for programming practice
Dr. Joan Haran, University of Cardiff
Helga Hentschel, Senate Administration for Work,
Integration and Woman, Berlin *
Prof. Dr. Barbara Schaeffer-Hegel, Founding
President with the Board of Trustees of the European
Academy for Women in Politics and Economy, Berlin
Connie Walther, Writer and Director, Berlin
Dr. Esther Wenger, Director, Munich

Moderation: Torsten Zarges, kress report

5.15 pm
>> Appreciation and Closing <<

Appreciation of the MINTiFF-Fellows
Cornelia Dorow, German Federal Ministry of
Education and Research

Closing remarks
Dr. Marion Esch, MINTiFF/MINTEEE

6.00 pm
End of Conference

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